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South African Stamps

Until 1961, South Africa was an union. The union was formed on May 31, 1910, comprising the former British colonies of Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Transvaal and the Orange Free State, which became provinces. The union became a republic in 1961.

1/2p, Springbok
1p, Jan van Riebeek’s Ship, Drommedaris
6p, Orange Tree.
These stamps and many others in this series were all issued in English-Afikaans setenenants. Stamps with English inscriptions and with Afrikaans inscriptions were printed alternately in the same sheets. I have these ones only with either the English or the Afikaans inscriptions. This series with all the setenant issues or even singles for that matter is among the top in my most wanted list of stamps.

1954, Oct. 14: Wildlife Definitives
1961, May 31: The first definitive series of the Republic.

 1969, New Design, First series Definitives
1974, Nov. 11: Second definitive series

1977, May 27: The third series. Set of 17. I have only 5 as you can see.

 1982-87: Buildings Definitives. Set of 25. Ive got 14 from this set
1c, Old Provost, Grahamstown.
3c, Appelhof, Bloemfontein.
4c, Raadsaal, Pretoria.
6c, Goewermentsgebou, Bloemfontein.
8c, Leeuwenhof, Cape Town.
10c, City Hall, Pietermaritzburg.
11c, City Hall, Kimberley.
12c, City Hall, Port Elizabeth.
15c, Hotel Milner, Matjesfontein.
16c, Durban City Hall.
20c, Post Office, Durban.
25c, Melrose House, Pretoria.
30c, Old Legislative Assembly Building, Pietermaritzburg.
50c, Raadsaal, Bloemfontein.

1988-93: Succulents
18c Faucaria tigrina
20c Conophytum mundum
50c Lapidaria margaretae

1993-95: Endangered Fauna. Inscriptions in Latin.
1c, Heleophryne rosei.
5c, Cordylus giganteus.
10c, Psammobates geometricus.
20c, Atelerix frontalis.
40c, Bunolagus monticularis.
“Standardised Mail”, “Black Rhinocerous.”
Standard postage stamps inscribed thus were sold for then current domestic rate on date of issue.
50c, Cercopithecus mitis.
55c, Proteles cristatus.

Wildlife Type with English inscriptions
70c, Roan antelope

70c, Roan antelope.
90c, Jackass penguin.
Standard postage, Impala
Standard postage, African Elephant

2000: Fish, Flowers, Butterflies and Birds definitive series

On a personal front, I've always been fascinated by South Africa and it's a dream of mine to visit some of the beautiful beaches there. Also, being a big soccer fan, would love to visit the Cape Town Stadium where the FIFA World Cup 2010 was held. If I can get hold of a good deal on flights to Cape Town from here, I'll probably jump at the offer. Let's hope!

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