Sunday, October 21, 2012

Isle of Man

My stamps of the Isle of Man. Isle of Man also known simply as Mann is an island located in the Irish Sea, off Northwest coast of England. I have only a few stamps but intend to have a complete collection of this island country as well as all of the Channel Islands to go alongside my GB collection.

1973, Sept. 4: Manx Grand Prix Motorcycle Race, 50th Anniversary

1973 Nov. 14: Wedding of Princess Anne and Capt. Mark Phillips.

1974, May 29: Tourist Trophy Motorcycle Races on the Isle of Man
3p, Stanley Woods on Moto Guzzi Motorcycle
31/2p, Freddie Frith on Norton.
8p, Max Deubel on BMW with sidecar.
10p, Mike Hailwood on Honda.

1974, Sept. 18: 1,000th death anniv. of Magnus Haraldson, King of Many Islands (Nos. 45-46), and 600th
death anniv. of William Russell, Bishop of Sodor and Mann

1974, Nov. 22: Sir Winston Churchill

1975, Sept. 9: Sir George Dashwood Goldie-Taubman (1846-1925), founder of Royal Niger Company.

1979, May 16: Millennium of Tynwald, Legislative Council.

1980, Feb. 5: Royal Geographical Society, 150th anniv.

1980, May 6: Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. sesqui.;London 80 Intl. Stamp Exhib., May 6-14.

1998-99: Flowers, Only 2 stamps missing from this set.
1p, Bearded iris.
2p, Daisy.
4p Shamrocks
5p, Silver jubilee rose.
10p, Oriental poppy.
20p, Heath spotted orchid.
21p Cushag
22p, Gorse.
25p Princess of Wales Rose
26p, Dog rose.
30p, Fuchsia-lady thumb.
50p Daffodil
£1 Spear thistle

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