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USA - Aeronautics Conference - 1928

The International Civil Aeronautics Conference of 1928 was established to commemorate the 25th anniversary of powered flight by the Wright brothers. The conference was attended by delegates from around the world as well as hundreds of American dignitaries and aviation pioneers including Orville Wright.

The Wright brothers success is primarily responsible for about 25000+  commercial flights to USA alone. This is excluding private planes, planes to hire, military and air-cargo flights. 

Two different stamps were issued for the conference, a red two cent stamp featuring the Wright Brother’s airplane and a blue five cent stamp featuring a then current airplane over a globe that you can see in the picture below. Both stamps also feature the Washington Monument and the U.S. Capital building. I do not have the Wright brother's airplane stamp in my collection.

1928, Dec. 12
5c blue, Globe and then airplane

The Conference concluded with a trip to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (the site of the Wright brother’s first flight) on December 17th, exactly 25 years after their historic flight. After a final trip back to Washington, D.C., the conference ended.
The International Civil Aeronautics Conference has been essentially forgotten over the years, but the two striking postage stamps that were issued to commemorate it remain.

It also looks like an error of a print shift in the stamp above which frankly, I had not noticed before. Actually now, I would like to have both the stamps from this set of two of the 1928 conference.

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