Monday, September 24, 2012

Norwegian Stamps

Just a few stamps here of Norway in my collection. Actually there were hardly any until just recently, when, in an exchange with a trade friend, I got a few more. There are some complete sets in here too.

1941: 20o, Snorri Sturluson
1950-51: 30o, King Haakon VII
1958-60: 1.5k, King Olav V

2001, Jan. 2: Actors and Actresses
7k, Lillebil Ibsen (1899-1989)
8k, Tore Segelcke (1901-79)

2004, Jan. 2: Marine Life, Complete set of 3
5.50k, Periphylla periphylla.
6k, Anarhichas lupus.
9k, Sepiola atlantica.

2006, Sept. 15: Marine Life, Complete set of 2
B, Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis.
A, Labrus bimaculatus.

2007, June 15: Norwegian Light houses
A, Ona lighthouse in Romsdal
A, Tungeneset lighthouse in Ersfjorden near Senja in Troms
2007, Sep 21: Marine Life VI
A, Pink shrimp (Pandalus montagui)
A, European lobster (Homarus gammarus)
A, Edible brown crab (Cancer pagurus)
A, Squat lobster (Galathea strigosa)

2008, Feb 14: Norwegian Ski Association centenary
A, Thorleif Haug
A, Espen Bredesen
A, Children on skis
A, Kjetil Andre Aamodt.
Also take a look at the cover, the only one from Norway with the complete set of these stamps I received some time back.

2008, Oct 24: Norwegian art
A, Inger Sitter (b. 1929)
A,  Arne Ekeland (1908-1994)
A,  Kare Tveter (b. 1922)
A,  Terje Bergstad (b. 1938)

2009, Jan 02: Norwegian art II
B, Kjell Nupen (b. 1955)
12 Nok, Irma Salo Jaeger (b. 1928 in Finland)

2009, June 12, Norwegian Year of Cultural Heritage 
A, Kurer radio
A, Telephone kiosk

2010, Feb 05: P.A. Munch and Ole Bull bicentenaries 

2010 18 May  Norwegian popularmusic II - Eurovision Song Contest. One stamp missing from this set
A,  Alexander Rybak (b. 1986)
A,  Jahn Teigen (b. 1949)
A, Secret Garden

2010 20 August  50 years of television in Norway
A, 'Icons'
A,  Comedy
A,  Entertainment
A,  Childrens TV

2011 Sep 16: Norwegian popular music III
A, Sissel Kyrkjebo (b. 1969)
A,  Mari Boine (b. 1956)
A,  Inger Lise Rypdal (b. 1949)
A,  Wenche Myhre (b. 1947)

My only official stamp of Norway. Whats an official stamp? Well, simply, a stamp used for sending official mail (mail by government agencies). This one is from 1933-34. There are 12 stamps of different denominations from 2o to 100o in this series. My only hope is to have all the stamps from the series some day.

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