Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cover - South Korea, Country #68

My first ever cover from South Korea came in just yesterday and that to with odd shaped stamps on it. A lovely cover. Thank you ICCC, Vural and Park Choonjong.

The stamps on the cover are self adhesive stamps from the Korean-Made Characters Series Stamps (2nd Issue). The set consists of 10 stamps each of denomination 270 won and features the character "Pucca". This series was issued on 22.2.2012

On the back, the other stickers (non - stamp) from the sheet were used in sealing this cover. The sheet has 8 such stickers of which 5 are used here.

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  1. These are cute! Btw I sent another cover to you last week. Attached are 2 stamps from the Unity Series II. I wanted to send you the Queen's Jubilee stamps featuring Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but it was sold out in 2 hours! I myself didn't manage to get some. :(

    1. Hi Bree!! Wow, cool. Ill let you know soon as I receive the cover and will send you a cover with the london olympics stamps soon.