Friday, August 17, 2012

My stamps of the beautiful Switzerland - Pt 2

In continuation to my last post, here are the rest of the stamps from my swiss stamps collection. These are from 1991 onwards.

1991-95: Mountain Lakes
1999, Mar. 9: Comic Book, “Les Amours de Monsieur Vieux Bois,” by Rodolphe Topffer (1799-1846), booklet stamps

2000, Mar. 7: Swiss souvenirs
2002, Sept. 17: Insects
2002-05: Minerals
2003-05: Medicinal Plants
2003-04: Swiss Designs. One missing stamp of the Zipper.
15c, Rex potato peeler, 1947, designed by Alfred Neweczeral.
85c, Station clock, 1944, designed by Hanls Hilfiker.
100c, Le Fauteuil Grand Confort (black armchair), 1928, designed by Le Corbusier.
100c, Landi chair (aluminum Stamp chair), 1938, designed by Hans Coray.

2004, May 6: Europa
2007, Apr. 10: Roger Federer. One of my favourite stamps

2011, Nov. 22: This beautiful set of christmas stamps is a wonderful representation of the season there. Makes you want to be in Switzerland in one of those quaint Zermatt chalets, it's pathways lined with snow, the clean and crisp mountain air and a roaring fire and star-lit sky.

Finally the semi-postals stocked separately .

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