Friday, August 17, 2012

My stamps of the beautiful Switzerland - Pt 1

Switzerland!! One of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. With scenic peaks, valleys, villages and lakes, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world. For me....I am into this  beautiful country also for its stamps, and here are the ones that I have been able to collect so far. The stamps are as beautiful as the country itself and come in all kinds of varieties: embroidered, wood, odd shapes etc.

Only one stamp each of William tell and his son from early 1900s.
1949, Aug. 1: Technology and Landscape Definitives
Three stamps from this series of 12 stamps. I have the 20c stamp here which has at least two variants. Will do a separate post on it some other time.
1960-63: Messengers and Buildings Defintives
Again only a few from the set of 22. For more in detail on these definitives will do in the separate post.


1961, Sept. 18: Evangelists. Complete set. 
3fr, St. Matthew and angel.
5fr, St. Mark and winged lion.
10fr, St. Luke and winged ox
20fr, St. John and eagle
Designs are after 15th century wood carvings from St. Oswald’s church, Zug.
1969, Sept. 18: Kreuzberge, Alpstein mountains
1970, Sept. 17: Piz Palu, Grisons. Swiss Alps.

1973-80: Villages and churches definitives
1977-84: Folk customs definitives. This is a almost near complete set with only two stamps missing from the set of 13

1982, Feb. 18: Locomotives. Both se-tenant with label showing workers’ monument. Have only the steam locomotive one with the label
1982-86: Signs of the Zodiac and City Views.

1986-89: Mail distribution

1991, Feb. 22
Swiss Confederation, 700th anniv.
Swiss Parliament, US Capitol.

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