Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Egypt Stamps

I have a very small collection of these stamps of Egypt. However as always these are arranged in order of date and year of issue. The definitives are stored on separate stock sheets and so are the air post stamps, semi-postals. You may want to have a look at my stamps of the UAR too.

Modern Egypt was a part of Turkey until 1914 when a British protectorate was declared over the country and the Khedive was deposed in favor of Hussein Kamil under the title of sultan. In 1922 the protectorate ended and the reigning sultan was declared king of the new monarchy. Egypt became a republic on June 18, 1953. Egypt merged with Syria in 1958 to form the United Arab Republic. Syria left this union in 1961. In 1971 Egypt took the name of Arab Republic of Egypt.

1969-70: 7 stamps in this series . Designs include a pyramid, mosques, forts and a side view of King Khafre. The two that I have,
5m, Al Azhar Mosque.
10m, Luxor Temple

1972-76: Set of 17. Four in my collection as of now.
10m, King Sethos or Seti I
20m, El Foutah Gate, Cairo,
55m, Sphinx and Pyramid
100m, Cairo Mosque

1978-85: Tourist Set. Stamps depict all the reasons you need to plan Egypt holidays.

1993-99: Artifacts

2000-2002: New Pharaonic issue of wall scenes, artefacts and monuments from the era.

Airmails or Air post stamps
1972: Complete set of 3
30m, Al Azhar Mosque and St. Georges church
85m, Temples at Abu Simbel
110m, Pyramids at Giza

1978-82: Three out of the complete set of 5
45m, 60m, Plane over Giza
140m, Plane over boats on Nile

1989-91: Three out of the complete set of 11

The stamps Ive got are mostly from the year 1981 and 2001. There are a few others but then those are all. After spending some time on the stamps and the themes depicted I only want to collect more of these from Egypt now.

1980, Mar. 10, Complete set, UNESCO campaign to save Nubian monuments, 20th anniversary. Shown on stamps are Temples of Philae, Kalabsha, Korasy.

1981, July 23, Another set of two at the bottom row of the first sheet below. July 23rd Revolution, 29th anniv.; Social Defense year

Some stamps from 2001 on the other sheet above
2001, July 28, Set of two, 
Aziz Abaza Pasha (1898-73), blue background
Ahmed Rami (1892-1981), pink background.

1981, July 15: Afghan solidarity, the only one in my collection.

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