Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One more from Canada

And after the USA, I think its Canada that I receive the most covers from. I got this one from Maryam. Thanks so much for this wonderful cover Maryam. I love the stamps and the cancellation.

The setenant pair on the cover is a May 2011 issue by Canada post depicting two of the more unusual methods of mail delivery. The history or facts behind the two stamps makes for an interesting read and as given in the ''details on the stamps'' on the Canada post portal, is as below.
In the winter of 1910, a snapped telegraphic cable severed communications between the people the Magdalen Islands north of Cape Breton and the mainland. Faced with isolation, the leaders of the community rigged a ponchon—a large barrel used for transporting molasses—with a rudder and sail, marked with the inscription “WINTER MAGDELEN MAIL.”
Prior to the air mail advances of World War I, the only reliable method of mail delivery in northern Canada in winter was by dog team, a practice that persisted in more remote regions until the early 1960s. Dog breeds and sledding equipment varied, depending on the terrain, climate and era. Today, every January, the Gold Rush Trail Dog Sled Mail Run allows mailers to have envelopes carried by dog team and delivered via Canada Post.

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