Sunday, March 18, 2012

More Awesome additions to my USA Christmas stamps

Just recently I have been able to nearly complete my christmas collection of USA stamps. Everytime I am able to achieve the completion level, the satisfaction is immense. Sure I have a long way to go, not only with these Christmas stamps, but with all of my other collections, but these times are like milestones achieved, like a challenge overcome. I am only putting up the major (in my opinion) additions here. All of it when nearly complete gets to COMPLETE in every which way.

So, here they are. Remember these 1964 stamps, the first American setenants? Chk the following link out too for my earlier mention of these stamps Well, I had the individual single stamps of the set but voila!!!! now Ive got the setenant block.
5c each Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Sprig of Pine. When it comes to these christmas stamps, one set goes in my christmas album and the other in my country collection album.

1970 Precanceled, Setenant. I, so far had 2 of the following set in the regular issue and one precanceled,,  6c each Locomotive, Horse, Tricycle, Doll Carriage.
The setenant block of the regular issue now remains to be obtained, acquired as one of the few completion factors.

Another first, this was the first self-adhesive US stamp to be issued. Although this 'Dove of Peace' Christmas stamp's design was attractive, the new self adhesive gum used was anything but to collectors. Over time, the gum bled into the stamp, causing yellowing. Also they couldn't be soaked to get them off envelopes. I love this one and am glad to have it now.

Some blocks of 4 with traffic lights of single individual stamps I already had. These are awesome additions too. Both are 1987 issues

And finally this last one from 1992. 29c each Fire pumper, Riverboat, Horse and rider, Train engine

Do feel free to add your thoughts, comments or suggestions
NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look.

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