Saturday, March 17, 2012

Christmas Stamps of Switzerland

I always love doing a post on Christmas stamps and there are quite a few in my collection that I have to still put up here. Yesterday after putting up the cover from Switzerland I thought I might as well show you my Christmas stamps from this wonderful country.

The first Christmas stamp of Switzerland was issued as a semi-postal in 1987. I have the stamp and you can see it in the picture below, the first stamp, first row. Semi-Postal Stamps are stamps that include a first class postage charge, plus an additional amount to fund a charity or community cause, such as health care and research. The other stamp on the same row is also a semi-postal from the year 1998. In the two stamps on the first row, the additional amount for charity is 10c and 35c respectively.

Complete set of 3, 2009. I specially like the strip of 3. A close friend from Zermatt sent me the stamps.
Santa Claus hat - 85c.
Christmas Tree - 100c.
Gift - 130c.

Complete set of 3, 2011

Chapel - 85c.
Christmas Tree - 100c.
Chalet - 140c.

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NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look.

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