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USA Christmas stamps Revisited

Through last year, I have managed to acquire a lot more stamps and organize my christmas collection better. Particularly with stamps of USA, I believe, the progress has been better than the rest. My USA stamps overall also has grown significantly. I now have 4 albums for all my US stamps and this page below for the Christmas stamps. I will usually have two sets of christmas stamps, one that goes in my country collection and the other in my christmas. Ofcourse the first set and preference is to complete my christmas album. If I get an extra set then it goes to my country collection. There is no set rule here though, I do as I please :):).

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From the first christmas stamp issued in the USA to many more complete sets, the journey has been exciting. Of the 157 christmas stamps issued in the US from 1962 to 2010, as on date, I have 53 here in my christmas album. About 30% or so and I can't wait to have the rest. You may wish to have a look at my earlier post on US christmas stamps. 

Some of my complete sets:

1971 Christmas
8c - Adoration of the Shepherds
8c - "Partridge in a pear tree"

1972 Christmas
8c - "Mary, Queen of Heaven"
8c - Santa Claus

1973 Christmas
8c - Madonna by Raphael
8c - Christmas tree in needlepoint

1975 Christmas
Madonna & child by Ghirlandaio
Christmas card
No denomination on these stamps. New postal rates were uncertain when production of these stamps began. But Christmas was coming fast, and the press run couldn't be delayed. so these stamps were the very first US stamps printed without a value.

1980 Christmas
15c - Madonna & Child
15c - Wreath & Toys

1982 Christmas - Seasons Greetings
20c - Sledding
20c - Building a snowman
20c - Ice Skating
20c - Decorating the tree

1989 Christmas
25c - Madonna & Child
25c - Sleigh & Presents

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