Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miniature sheets of Namibia

Some odd shaped miniature sheets and stamps of Namibia.

2004 1st Joint Issue of Southern Africa Postal Operators Association Members. Hexagonal designs showing birds of association members
$3.40 African fish eagle (Namibia);
$3.40 Two African fish eagles perched (Zimbabwe);
$3.40 Peregrine falcon (Angola);
$3.40 Cattle egret (Botswana);
$3.40 Purple-crested turaco ("Lourie") (Swaziland);
$3.40 Stanley ("Blue") Crane (South Africa)

2008 Centenary of the Discovery of Diamonds in Namibia. diamond-shaped designs
Uncut diamonds - $2;
Land mining - $2;
Marine mining - $2;
Diamond jewellery - $2

2011 Frogs
Long reed frog (Hyperolius nasutus) - $5;
Bubbling kassina (Kassina senegalensis) - $5;
Tandy's sand frog (Tomopterna tandyi) - $5;
Angolan reed frog (Hyperolius parallelus) - $5

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