Friday, January 6, 2012

Papua New Guinea

This is a post on my collection of stamps of Papua New Guinea. Just a few stamps, which I have arranged year wise.

A little about Papua New Guinea....It is located in the Australian continent and  occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and numerous offshore islands. Its capital is Port Moresby and many of my stamps have cancellations showing Port Moresby on them. 

Miniature Sheet

Of the stamps above, following are some sets which I intend to complete sooner as I continiue to extend my collection of PNG stamps.

1968 : Sea Shells. 
1c Ovula ovum
3c Strombus sinuatus 
5c Conus marmoreus 
7c Mitra mitra

1973 : Definitives 
7c Coastal village

15c Mt. Elimbari

20c Canoe-racing, Manus  

40c Fishing canoes, Madang

1977 : Headdresses
5t Masked dancer, Abelam area of Maprik
10t Headdress from Koiari
15t Woman with face paint, Hanuabada
20t Orokaiva dancer
25t Haus Tambaran dancer, Abelam area of Maprik
30t Asaro Valley headdress
35t Singsing costume, Garaina
1K Wasara

1982 : Definitives, Corals
5t "Acropora humilis"
10t "Dendronephthya sp."
20t "Isis sp"
35t "Stylaster elegans"

1987 : Anemonefish.
17t White cap anemonefisy
35t Tomato clownfish

1987 : Ships. 
5t Dampier - Roebuck, 1700
35t "San Pedrico" (Torres) and zabra, 1606
45t "Neva" (D. Albertis), 1876

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