Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lots More North Korea - Pt 4

1991 “Phila Nippon '91” International Stamp Exhibition, Tokyo.
Giant Panda
Two giant pandas feeding
Giant panda clambering onto branch
Giant panda on rock
Two giant pandas. Missing from the set
Giant panda in tree fork

1991 Silkworm Research.
Dr. Kye Ung Sang (researcher)
Chinese oak silk moth
“Attacus ricini”
“Antheraea yamamai”
Silkworm moth
“Aetias artemis”

1991 Alpine Butterflies.
“Clossiana angarensis” Missing from the set
“Erebia embla”
Camberwell beauty
Eastern pale clouded yellow
“Theela betulae”

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