Saturday, July 9, 2011

North Korea - Pt 1

Recently I got a good deal on a packet of 500 North Korea CTOs. I don't mind CTOs as part of my collection. Actually most of these can be any collectors delight and I for one love them all.
It was fun sorting and arranging them year wise and my wife and I spent a whole weekend putting these in my stock sheets.

1963 Korean Flowers.
Rugosa rose

1974 North Korean Victories at International Sports Meetings.
Archery (Grenoble), Missing from the set
Gymnastics (Varna)
Boxing (Bucharest), Also missing from the set
Volleyball (Pyongyang)
Rifle shooting (Sofia)
Judo (Tbilisi)
Model aircraft flying (Vienna)
Table tennis (Peking)


1976 Pheasants.
Golden Pheasant
Lady Amherst's pheasant
Silver pheasant, Missing from the set
Reeves's pheasant
Temminck's tragopan
Common pheasant (albino)
Ring-necked pheasant

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NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look.

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