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A state of Central Europe, part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Empire until 1918. At the end of the First World War the Empire was dis-membered and German-speaking Austria became a Republic.

Austria was absorbed into the German Reich in 1938 and remained part of Germany until 1945. Following occupation by the four Allied Powers the Austrian Republic was re-established on 14 May 1945.

My collection of Austrian stamps is very limited as of now. However I do like the definitives from the early years and wish to have them in complete sets in my collection. All the stamps here are arranged in order of the date and year of issue, reference Scott catalogue 2008, Vol. 1. My first stamp of Austria as you can see is Scott No. 73, 5 heller bluish green, from the 1899 defintives set.  

1948-52: Austrian costumes. Only have 5 of the set of 37.

1973-78: Definitives. 15 of the set of 20.

1984-85, 86-88, 89-92: Monasteries and Abbeys. 13 of the entire series of 18.

1993-95: Definitives. 7 of the set of 10

Pane of 2 + label - 1976, Apr. 8,  Bicentenary of Vienna Burgtheater. Label (head of Pan) and inscription in vermilion.

Postage due stamp - Scott No. J255, 2.50 Schilling purple, from the 1949-57 set.

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