Sunday, November 15, 2015


My only stamps of the country.

A country at the E. end of the Mediterranean Sea, formerly Turkish territory. Occupied by the Allies in 1918 and administered under French military occupation. An Arab kingdom was set up in the Aleppo and Damascus area during 1919, but the Emir Faisal came into conflict with the French and was defeated in July 1920. In April 1920, the mandate was offered to France becoming effective in September 1923. Syria became a republic in 1934 and the mandate ended with full independence in 1942

In 1958 the UAR was formed which comprised Egypt and Syria but separate stamps were issued for each territory. In 1961 Syria left the UAR and the Syrian Arab Republic was established.

French Mandated Territory
Row 1, Stamp 1.

Syrian Republic
Row 1, Rest of the stamps.

United Arab Republic
Row 2

Syrian Arab Republic
Row 4 and the rest.

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