Saturday, November 15, 2014


My stamps of Oman. Stamps of the country are really hard to get and also expensive to buy off Ebay or the likes.

The first stamps of Oman in my collection are from the 1972 definitive issue. It was the first definitive issue following the renaming of the country to Sultanate of Oman. The set consist of 12 stamps, which were issued in 3 different sizes - each size depicting one of three Oman Harbours in the year of 1809. The Matrah Habour, the Shinas Harbour and the Muscat Habour. Although I do not have the whole set here, Ive got all the three harbors, Rows 1 & 2 on the first page below.

Then there are the other stamps mostly of the National day issues from different years. On the last row of the first page are three of the four stamps of the 1977 National day release.

Page 2 above, Row 1, 1978 National Day depicting forts. Row 3, Complete set of 2, 1979 National Day. Then there are 5 stamps from the 1982 Flora and Fauna definitives set, 5th and 6th rows.

Page 3 below, Row 1, 1985 Marine Life. My favourite stamps from this small collection, Complete set of 2, 1988 National Day, Row 4. Then there are 3 stamps from the 1989 costumes series, 5th and 6th rows.

A strip of 3 on the next page, 1st row, 1994 70th Anniversary of Muscat Municipality. On the 3rd and 4th rows, 3 stamps from the 1996 Omani sailing ships release. My most recent stamps of Oman are the stamps from 2001 Al-Khanjar A'suri.

You must have seen stamps inscribed State of Oman or Oman Imamate state on sale online or in other collections. These are said to have been issued by a rebel administration under the Imam of Oman. There is no strong evidence of their postal use within Oman. Hence they are not listed or are omitted in the SG catalogs. I will need to research the stamps more to check for evidence of postal validity and catalog references if any. Until then there are still so many valid missing items that I can well be after.

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