Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cover - Spain

Eva, my good friend sent me this lovely cover from Spain. Perfect cover. Will go straight into my album. The stamps on the cover are from a set of 5 stamps depicting percussion instruments, issued by Spanish post on 22.02.13.

The three stamps on the cover depict the The Timpani or kettledrums, Cymbals and the Drum. The two other stamps, not here on the cover are the tambourine and the castanets. Beautiful set of stamps. Thanks a lot Eva.

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  1. I'm happy to see that it arrived safe and sound! I have also sent to you a postcard from Morocco (on December, 16th). I hope you will receive it soon as well!

  2. I will try and send you the laughing cow postcard soon too. Please be patient. Meanwhile if possible please also send me a cover from Morocco.

    1. I've already sent you a cover from Morocco. It was sent on December 16yh (2013), so it should arrive soon. I'll be waiting for your answers! :D