Thursday, April 25, 2013

Odd Shaped Stamps and Sheets - Brazil Pt1

Just a few days back, I received some beautiful odd shaped sheets/stamps from Brazil.

This first miniature sheet is shaped in the form of a cashew tree. The cashew tree is the largest tree of its kind in the world and is native to north eastern Brasil. The sheet consists of one self adhesive stamp shaped irregularly to outline a bunch of fruits and a few leaves on the tree.

This lovely sheet was issued on the 11th of September 2006 and the stamp is denominated 2.90 Brazilian Reals. "O Maior cajueiro do mundo" printed at the bottom of the sheet when translated reads, "the worlds largest cashew tree".

A little about the cashew tree....Well, its a tree found at the district of Pirangi do Norte, city of Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte. The tree covers an area of about 7500 m2, with a perimeter of about 500m. It was supposedly planted in 1888, by Luiz Inácio de Oliveira. However, based on its growth nature, it is also believed that the tree is more than a thousand years old. A wonderful addition to my collection of odd shaped stamps.

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