Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cover - Malaysia

Raz sent me this cover from Malaysia last week. Nice cover with the two fish stamps from the set of 4 of 2006 on it.
Sad part of the story was, though the cover got intact to me, a miniature sheet from inside was taken out and I received the cover only with the letter inside mentioning that the sheet was sent along. I believe Raz for sure put the miniature sheet inside but when I received the cover I could not find any signs of damage. The cover was surely opened, the miniature sheet was removed and then the cover was sealed back. Wonder who could have done this? Or was this only a one off instance. I at least hope so, cause I send and receive scores of stuff across all over. And I do not want to be sending all of 'em by registered post.

Please share similar experiences if any.

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