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Christmas stamps - Palau

These stamps are by far the most beautiful stamps of Christmas I have of any country so far. Please let me know if you know of or think of any other that are more unique or beautiful than these. These stamps also happen to be the only ones of Palau that I have as of date.

Palau, the western section of the Caroline Islands (Micronesia), was part of the US Trust Territory of the Pacific, established in 1947. By agreement with the USPS, the republic began issuing its own stamps in 1984, with the USPS continuing to carry the mail to and from the islands.
On Jan. 10, 1986 Palau became a Federation as a Sovereign State in Compact of Free Association with the

The first stamps for Christmas were issued by Palau in 1983. From 1986 onwards Palau issued Christmas stamps in se-tenant strips of five and I have eight (1986 - 1993) of the fourteen strips with the last one being issued in 1999.

The pictures you see above and below are of these strips arranged in my stock book. Absolutely beautiful and brilliant designs on each of these.

Nov. 26, 1986
The theme of this Christmas stamp set is the famous Christmas carol "Joy to the World" by Issac Watts and Handel. The strip of five stamps features Palauans celebrating Christmas with various activities; the five stamps form a continuous design.

Nov. 24, 1987
This strip of five stamps, features verses from the Christmas carol "I Saw Three Ships," biblical characters, Palau landscape, and Palauans in outrigger canoes.

Nov. 7, 1988
This strip of five stamps illustrates, in a continuous design, the song, "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing."

Dec. 18, 1989
This is a beautiful strip of 5 stamps, illustrating the Christmas carol "Whence Comes this Rush of Wings". 

Nov. 28, 1990
This strip of five Christmas stamps features "Here We Come A-Caroling," "Girl with music, poinsettias, doves," "Boys playing guitar, flute," "Family," and "Three girls singing." Palau, a group of 100 islands in the West Pacific Ocean, is a former U.S. Trust Territory.

Nov. 14, 1991
The art on this strip of five stamps illustrates, in a continuous design, the song "Silent Night," with a different verse from the song inscribed on each stamp.

Oct. 1, 1992
The Friendly Beasts carol depicting animals in Nativity Scene.

Oct. 22, 1993
Christmas carol, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” with Palauan customs.

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