Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another real posted FDC from the US of A

Awesome cover. Cancellation is special and I am quite fascinated by the rooster weather vane stamp.

The “Grand Canyon State” is commemorated on a new Forever Stamp by the United States Postal Service, marking the state’s 100th anniversary. The stamp features artwork by Ed Mell, a native of Phoenix. Mell portrays Cathedral Rock, one of the colorful and much admired sandstone rock formations of Sedona, Arizona on this stamp.

The 45-cent Weather Vanes First-Class Mail stamps are available in five designs in pressure-sensitive adhesive coils. Each of the five designs features a photograph of eye-catching 19th century weather vanes made in the
United States. All the weather vanes featured are part of Shelburne Museum’s collection:  a cow, an eagle, two roosters and a centaur. I must have all the five in my US collection soon. The rooster here on this cover is the rooster with the thick, rounded tail was made between 1875 and 1900 by Rochester Iron Works in Rochester.

Thanks Antoinette.

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