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A former British Colony on the west coast of Africa, comprising the territories of Northern and Southern Nigeria and Lagos. Attained full independence within the British commonwealth in 1960 and became a federal republic in 1963.
The Eastern region (known as Bafra) seceded in 1967, remaining independent until overrun by Federal Nigerian troops during January 1970.

The 1953-1960 Elizabeth II Definitive Issue. Features industry scenes from contemporary Nigeria, but in the form of stylized artists drawings.

The 1973-1986 Definitive Issue. These are one of my favourite definitive stamps of any country.
1k hides and skins, 2k Natural Gas Industry, 3k Cement Factory, 5k Cattle Ranching, 7k Timber Industry, 8k Oil Industry, 10k Yankari Game Reserve, 12k Civic Development showing city hall in Lagos, 15k Sugar Cane Farming, 18k Palm Oil, 20k Vaccine Production, 25k Docks, 30k Argungu Fishing Festival, 50k Pottery.
Two stamps, 1n Eko Bridge and 2n Lagos Teaching Hospital are missing from this set in my collection. This set of stamps come in many variations. Differences in printing and color shades, perforations, paper and gum are only a few I can think of. 

1984 Nigerian Wildlife. Complete set of 4. 10k Waterbuck, 25k Hartebeest, 30k African Buffalo, 45k Diademed monkey.

1986 African Reptiles. Complete set of 4. 10k Rock Python, 20k Long snouted crocodile, 25k Gopher Tortoise, 30k Chameleon.

1986 Nigerian Life Definitives.
2k, Volkswagen Aoutomobile assembly factory, 5k, Modern housing development. 10k, Modern method of harvesting coconuts, 15k, Port activities. 20k, Tecoma stans, flower, 25k, Medical care. 30k, Birom folk dancers. 40k, Nkpokiti dancers, 50k, Modern p.o. 10N Lekki Beach
Missing in the set
1k, Social worker with children,  35k, Telephone operators.  45k, Hibiscus. 1n, Stone quarry. 2n, Technical education. 20n Ancient wall, Kano. 50n Rock Bridge, 100n Ekpe masquerader, 500n National Theater.

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