Monday, March 3, 2014

India 2013

Once again its time of the year to showcase all my stamps of India from the previous year. Here are all the stamps of 2013 as stored in my stock book in order of date of issue and release. A total of 119 stamps were issued during the year.

03rd January 2013: 100 Years Of Indian Science Congress
07th January 2013: Postgraduate Institute Of Medical Education And Research, Chandigarh
08th January 2013: 125 Years Uttar Pradesh Legislature
08th January 2013: Ghadar Movement Centenary
11th January 2013: Silk Letter Movement
12th January 2013: 150th Birth Anniversary Of Swami Vivekananda (4v)
13th January 2013: C Achyutha Menon
14th January 2013: Aditya Vikram Birla
22nd January 2013: Shrine Basilica, Vailankanni
02nd March 2013: 3 Para (Special Forces)
07th March 2013: Officers Training Academy, Chennai
08th March 2013: Sahir Ludhianvi
16th March 2013: Malayala Manorama
17th March 2013: Jhulelal Sahib
22nd March 2013: Shiv Ram Hari Rajguru
11th April 2013: Architectural Heritage Of India Srikurmam, Srikakulam And Arasavalli, Srikakulam (2v)
12th April 2013: Heritage Buildings Mumbai G.P.O And Agra H.P.O (2v)
14th April 2013: Chaitya Bhoomi, Mumbai
30th April 2013: Hari Singh Nalwa

03rd May 2013: 100 Years Of Indian Cinema (50v)

10th May 2013: Kiang: Ladakh And Ghor Khar: Kutch (2v)
24th May 2013: Securities And Exchange Board Of India
25th June 2013: Peerzada Ghulam Ahmad Mehjoor
3rd July 2013: Delhi Gymkhana Club
7th August 2013: Kerala Legislative Assembly
21st August 2013: Raj Bahadur
03rd September 2013: Wild Flowers (12v)
09th September 2013: Lala Jagat Narain
10th September 2013: Acharya Gyansagar
21st September 2013: Gurajada Venkata Apparao
24th September 2013: Pratap Narayan Mishra
30th September 2013: Joomdev
12th October 2013: Philately Day
22nd October 2013: Bhakra Dam
24th October 2013: Ruchi Ram Sahni
5th November 2013: Boy's High School, Allahabad
07th November 2013: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
08th November 2013: Indian Academy Of Pediatrics
11th November 2013: Central Bureau Of Investigation
14th November 2013: Sachin Tendulkar: 200th Test Match (2v)
23rd November 2013: Sathya Sai Baba
23rd November 2013: Intelligence Bureau
26th November 2013: Railway Workshop, Kanchrapara And Jamalpur (2v)
29th November 2013: Sashastra Seema Bal
01st December 2013: 50 Years Of Nagaland
04th December 2013: Ins Vikramaditya
05th December 2013: The Visit Of Emperor And Empress Of Japan
17th December 2013: Beant Singh
23rd December 2013: Gulab Singh Lodhi
27th December 2013: Eklavya
31st December 2013: Babu Banarsi Das

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