Friday, February 7, 2014

Vatican City

Vatican City is the world's smallest nation. It became politically independent from Italy under the Lateran Pacts of February 11, 1929. Two days later, the Vatican post office began operating with donated supplies and equipment. It issued its first stamps on August 1, 1929.

This is my collection of stamps from the country. Quite a few complete sets from the 60s and 70s.

1960, Nov. 8 - “Acts of Mercy,” by Della Robbia: 5 l, Feeding the hungry. 10 l, Giving drink to the thirsty. 15 l, Clothing the naked. 20 l, Sheltering the homeless. 30 l, Visiting the sick. 35 l, Visiting prisoners. 40 l, Burying the dead. 70 l, Pope John XXIII.

1961, July 4 - Centenary of L’Osservatore Romano, Vatican’s newspaper: 50 l, 1861 and 1961 Mastheads 70 l, Editorial offices. 250 l, Rotary press.

1962, June 12 - St. Catherine of Siena
1962, July 5 - Paulina M. Jaricot

1962, Dec. 4 - Nativity Scene
1963, Oct. 16 - Coronation of Pope Paul VI, June 30, 1963. 40 l, 200 l, Arms of Pope Paul VI.

1964, Dec. 2 - Trip of Pope Paul VI to India, Dec. 2-5, 1964. 15 l, Pope Paul VI at prayer. 25 l, Eucharistic Congress altar, Bombay, horiz. 60 l, Gateway of India, Bombay, horiz. 200 l, Pope Paul VI and Map of India and Southeast Asia

1975, Sept. 25 - 9th Intl. Congress of Christian Archaeology. 30 l, Miracle of loaves and fish, Gilt glass. 150 l, Painting of Christ, from Comodilla Catacomb. 200 l, Raising of Lazarus.

1976, Sept. 30 - Details from Transfiguration by Raphael: 30 l, Moses Holding Tablets. 40 l, Transfigured Christ. 50 l, Prophet Elijah with book. 100 l, Apostles John and Peter. 150 l, Group of women. 200 l, Landscape.

1976, Nov. 23 - Roman Views: 50 l, St. John's Tower. 100 l, Fountain of the Sacrament. 120 l, Fountain at entrance to the gardens. 180 l, Basilica, Cupola of St. Peter’s and Sacristy. 250 l, Borgia Tower and Sistine Chapel. 300 l, Apostolic Palace and Courtyard of St. Damasius.

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