Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Mail 2013 - 3

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  1. I love your Christmas covers! They are very different.

    There is long time I read your blog, but sometimes I don't comment. Now I'm curious to know... Do you just exchange the covers, or there is a letter inside?

    1. Thank you. In most cases I just exchange covers. In some others, covers and only small notes / letters indicating stamps topics and countries interested in. Where are you from? We could exchange covers too especially since its Christmas.

    2. Hello! I'm from Spain, but I'm currently living in the North of Morocco. We have no Christmas stamps here :D I didn't suggest an exchange because in the city where I live in, it's very difficult to find different stamps. I always get the same stamp, again and again! :(
      But I can send you a cover with it, if you want. In Christmas I can also send you a cover from Spain, as I'm travelling to Spain. Let me know.

    3. Thanks for your prompt reply. I would love a cover from Morocco. Yeah I am OK with a cover with only a single stamp or the same stamps on the cover. Please pass me your email address. You can email me, And I'd love a cover from Spain too. You've got my postal address here on the blog already.