Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cover - Finland

Kimmo Liljeroos sent me this beautiful cover from Finland. I received it last week or so. Though I have a few covers of Finland already, this one by far stands out among them all and has gone straight into my cover allbum. The cover has got eight odd shaped stamps and a mini-sheet with a hologram on it.

In 2008, Finnish post issued two sheets containing strips of three self adhesive stamps depicting ripples in water and a beautiful view of the archipelago of Gulf of Finland. All six stamps are here on the cover. The stamps are plus sign shaped. Also on the cover are two similar plus sign shaped stamps issued in 2011 depicting the bud and leaf of a birch tree.

The beautiful and intricate mini-sheet was issued in January 2007 to mark the start of the International Polar Year. The sheet was perforated to create two overlapping stamps. One stamp encompasses part of the background image of an aurora arcing over a snowy landscape, while the other features a close-up of a snowflake. A glittering hologram of a snowflake fills the square where the two stamps overlap. The background picture of the aurora was taken by Finnish photographer Pekka Luukkola in Kittila, northern Finland.

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