Saturday, July 27, 2013

How I Store my Covers?!!

I always wanted to store my covers in an album and not all in boxes as I have been doing until now. The option of using commercially available albums wasn't a viable one, as most of these albums are all limited to mostly C6 and or DL size of covers.

My covers are of different sizes and I needed to store all of them in an album irrespective of size. I came up with this simple solution or method of using hard thick paper in 4D binders for storing them. What you see in the adjacent picture is two such albums in which I have been able to store some of my covers.

The covers can be placed on the thick stiff paper with the help of photo corners, and the papers can be put inside sheet protectors. All these items (binders, thick stiff paper roll and sheet protectors) are easily available in office stationery stores. The photo corners are not so easy to come by around where I live, but these can be made very easily at home too and I made them myself. As for the paper, I got a roll of the thick paper and had them cut into A4 size pages. This may seem like a lot of work but it isn't really and the end result is very economical and effective.

Here are some pictures of covers in my album. One sheet per country would mean about 200 sheets and three to four albums would be enough to store all your covers. Also if you chose to put covers on both sides of the sheet you could have all your covers put in half the number of sheets and albums. I put a cover per sheet .  In some cases I have three or four covers of the same country put in...a general topic cover, a cover with Christmas stamps on one sheet front and back and another general topic cover, a cover with odd shaped stamps on another sheet front and back.

Needless to mention, I chose only the best covers for the album. Clean covers and or covers with a complete set of stamps, with undamaged stamps and clear clean cancellations. There may be exceptions only in some rare cases but I always attempt to put only the best covers in.

This method is really effective, easy to use and dynamic enough for my needs. The sheet protectors also protect the covers and the albums also make it easy to display my covers to family and friends.

Do feel free to add your thoughts, comments or suggestions
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