Saturday, June 15, 2013

850th Anniversary of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris

By far one of the best covers Ive received in recent times. Thanks a lot Pauline. What a beauty this is with the sheet of odd shaped stamps!! And Pauline was kind enough to also send me the souvenir sheet inside the cover.

The souvenir sheet commemorates the 850th anniversary of the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris. France Post issued this sheet on the 19th of January this year.

The background of the sheet shows a general view of the cathedral from the Seine side. The two stamps highlight the details of the stained glass window located in the west.

Below is a closer look at both the stamps. The quatrefoil (flower-shaped) stamp  illustrates the threshing of cereals and the round stamp features the Blessed Virgin and Child.

850 years have gone by since the first stone was laid in the foundation of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, under the direction of the bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully, and in the presence of Pope Alexander III. The Notre-Dame Cathedral is built in the Gothic style, facing the rising sun in the East, in the form of a cross. Notre-Dame measures 130 meters long, 48 wide, 35 high and can accommodate over 6000 people. It was renovated after the horrors of the Revolution by the architect Viollet le Duc in 1844. Notre-Dame has one of the finest organs in the world and a collection of bells, some of which were renovated at the 850th anniversary of the cathedral.

Truly a beautiful addition to my collection of odd shaped stamps.

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