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India 2012

Its time, to share with you, the complete year set of Indian stamps from 2012. This year saw a decline in the number of stamps issued during the year compared to earlier years, however, there were some really interesting releases and one of my favourites is the light house stamps. Only 47 stamps were issued as against 61 stamps in 2011.

As usual, first, here are the pictures of all the stamps as stored in my stock album and then pictures of the sets with a small description.


India Post issued these four stamps to commemorate 100 years of civil aviation in the country.Indian Civil Aviation completed 100 years on 18th February, 2011. The year 2011-12 was declared as the Civil Aviation Centenary Year, starting from 18th February, 2011 and ending on the same date in 2012. On this date in 1911, the first commercial plane flew in India between Allahabad and Naini.

27th May 2012: 800TH URS, DARGAH SHARIF, AJMER

These two stamps were issued commemorating the 800th annual Urs festival and the Dargah Sharif shrine.
Dargah Sharif is a sufi shrine of sufi saint, Moinuddin Chishti located at Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. The shrine has the grave of the revered saint, Moinuddin Chisti.
The annual Urs festival commemorates the death anniversary during the first six days of the Rajab (falls between March and July). During Urs, the Dargah's main gates, which normally remains closed, are opened for the devotees. In honor of the saint during the Urs, concerts are held reciting Chishti's own works and others. It attracts a large number of devotees to the shrine.


Warli Painting – Warli folk paintings are the painting of Maharashtra. Warli is the name of the largest tribe found on the northern outskirts of Mumbai, in Western India.

Shekhawati Painting- The havelis or mansions of Shekhawati Rajasthan are known for their wall paintings. The themes depict gods, kings, flowers, arabesques and scenes from daily life.

25th July 2012: LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES

Since the 1968 Olympics  India post has issued stamps commemorating the games. During the last Olympics too, India Post released a set of four commemorative postage stamps. The stamps are a stylized portrayal of sportsmen engaged in Volleyball, Rowing, Sailing and Badminton .


1. Nicobar Megapode
2. Venated Gliding Grog
3. Hoolock Gibbon
4. Bugun Liocichla

05th November 2012: INDIA ISRAEL- JOINT ISSUE

India Post and Israel Post jointly Issued new setenent stamps for Deepavali and Hanukkah respectively

23rd December 2012: LIGHT HOUSES OF INDIA

Picture as seen above. Two stamps featuring the Mahabalipuram and Alleppey lighthouses. This is the third release featuring light houses. First one was released in 1985 featuring the Minicoy lighthouse and the secone one in 2011 featured the Fort Aguada light house.

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