Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kremlin Self-Adhesive Definitives from Russia

Ok, Ive not done a single post on stamps as such this month, only put up covers Ive received and today as I was shuffling through my album of odd shaped stamps this set caught my attention. This definitives set from Russia is a nice set of odd shaped stamps depicting the Kremlins of Russia.
Kremlins are fortified complexes or castles found in historic Russian cities. These stamps were issued in October 2009. A set of 12, these self adhesive stamps have an attractive peculiar shape.
Astrakhan, 1p
Zaraisk, 1.5p
Kazan, 2p
Kolomna, 2.5p
Rostov, 3p
Nizhny Novgorod, 4p
Novgorod, 5p
Pskov, 6p
Moscow, 10p
Ryazan, 25p
Tobolsk, 50p
Tula, 100p

I have the stamps in used and mint but unfortunately not complete as yet.
The used set
Missing ones here are the Tobolsk and Tula Kremlins

The mint set
Quite a few missing ones here, the Kazan, Kolomna, Pskov, Ryazan, the Tobolsk and Tula Kremlins

Do feel free to add your thoughts, comments or suggestions
NOTE: Please click on the images for a larger view / closer look.


  1. Very nice! I think I have only one in my collection.

  2. Thanks. A friend of mine from Russia named Vladimir sent me these. A big thank you to him actually and hopefully soon he should send me the missing ones too.