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Bangladesh, formerly East Pakistan, broke away from Pakistan in April 1971, proclaiming its independence. It consists of 14 former eastern districts of Bengal and the former Sylhet district of Assam province of India.

Here is my collection of stamps of Bangladesh. I particularly like the Roses sheet, a 2010 release I got recently. All the stamps here are arranged in order of the date and year of issue, reference Scott catalogue 2008, Vol. 1. My first stamp of Bangladesh as you can see is Scott No. 1, 10p, map of Bangladesh from the first definitives stamps set issued on 1971, July 29. I also happen to have the complete set.

Miniature Sheets

2004, Dec. 1: Flowers a, Argemone mexicana. b, Cyanotis axillaris. c, Thevetia peruvians. d, Pentapetes phoenicea. e, Aegle marmelos. f, Datura stramonium.

2010: Roses. Cultivated varieties in Bangladesh

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